Do You See What I See?

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I am awakened to the reality of Christmas – young children racing through the malls, mother’s with their strollers, trying to maintain the excitement as children excitedly wait for their turn to see Santa and let him know that Yes, they’ve been good and deserving of everything on their list.

Other shoppers are scrambling with looks of despair on their faces trying to find that gift they know they should have shopped for weeks ago, oh, and did I mention those holiday lineups – people standing impatiently tapping their feet, checking their phones or watches for the time and giving that poor customer whose trying to find their wallet a look that could kill -really? How’s that for Christmas Spirit? Maybe try online shopping…

And oh yes, there are many walking aimlessly in circles trying to sort out in their head how they can afford to pay for all the stuff they’ve just bought and will continue to buy.  And finally, there are those shoppers who look content, strolling peacefully admiring all the Christmas decorations and enjoying the holiday music – they are who I refer to as the early birds as they’ve been done shopping since August and now, they wait blessedly for Christmas day!

Meanwhile outside in the parking lot, chaos has erupted as folks are competing for parking spaces as they dare you to take the spot that they’ve been patiently waiting for, the parking lot is a zoo – horns honk, angry drivers compete for the closest spot to the mall entrance  – So much for the superficial glitter and glow of Christmas…

Oh, but wait, there’s more – do you see what I see?

Let’s leave the frenzy of the shopping malls and step beyond the consumerism of Christmas…

I see two young women and a father – trying to hold it together as they spend their first Christmas without their Mom and his wife

I see two young men – who will be missing their Dad this Christmas and the grandchildren who will miss their grandpa

I see children and women living in the crisis shelters fearing for their safety and wondering if the shelter has a chimney for Santa to come down

I see the homeless, the disenfranchised, searching for warmth, shelter, and hope

And in each of those situations, I see opportunities to move beyond consumerism and to focus on what really matters this holiday season – spreading peace, love , hope and light – so I shall try to reach out to those families experiencing loss, to those families in shelters and to spread hope to our marginalized communities. I think I will leave the frenzy of the malls and infuse hope and love in the hearts and souls of those whose Christmas wish I’m sure is to just make it through the holidays as grief, hunger, loneliness and fear engulfs their spirits and leaves them tangled in emotions that at some levels can be almost crippling. May we all be reminded to reach out and support those who may be having difficulty experiencing a “Holly Jolly Christmas!” or may be having a difficult time believing that Christmas “Is the most wonderful time of the year!”

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