Business & Life Coaching

Business & Life Coaching

As a social worker, motivational speaker, business and life coach, Rosita has been empowering individuals for over 26 years in the area of personal and professional development. She is eager to work with individuals who feel stuck, want to move beyond mediocre, take responsibility for their choices, and achieve their goals and aspirations.

Rosita believes coaching is a partnership. She will provide structure, support and feedback and the individual being coached will steer the direction of the agenda, set goals and determine the outcome they are seeking. By listening, observing, and asking the right questions, Rosita supports individuals in recognizing that they have the power to unravel and unveil answers to the questions they are seeking answers to, and the strategies needed to transform from where they are personally and professionally to where they want to be. Call Rosita today for your free half hour consultation to determine if Rosita is the right coach for you!

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Call Rosita today for your free half hour consultation: 905-966-3280