Leadership With A Smile! What I Learned From Dora Anie


“Its not what you Gather but what you Scatter”- Heather Walton

“If you show up for life each day flowing in humility, love, grace, hope and gratitude and you use that synergy to inspire others to dream more, love more, laugh more, accomplish more, and be more than they ever thought possible, then you are truly a leader “– Rosita Hall

Dora Anie epitomized such a leader.

She was bold, often unorthodox in her approach but her warm and caring spirit drew people to her instantaneously. Her wisdom, great sense of humor, and infectious laughter could make its way through the crevices of any situation good or bad and make you feel like you could do the impossible.

Leadership guru Simon Sinek https://simonsinek.com/ indicates that:” a boss has the title but the leader has the people.”  This was true of the late Dora Anie – she definitely had the people and in fact she still does even after her untimely passing on June 11, 2019, otherwise I would not be writing about her, and how so many others are still reeling from the impact of her leadership and kindness. That impact will surely continue to be felt for years to come because Dora left a little piece of herself everywhere she went and on the hearts of everyone who were blessed enough to be in her presence. Dora scattered her infectious musings wherever she set foot.

On a personal level Dora taught me through her daily actions and interactions the power of cultivating heart-powered relationships, the power of selfless service to others, and how leaving a trail of kindness and laughter everywhere you go can have a lasting impact long after we’ve left this beautiful earth. Dora practiced the art of servant leadership long before it gained its popularity and because of that she transformed and influenced lives locally, nationally and internationally. If each of us could simply adopt the daily leadership and character attributes she exhibited each day the workplace and the world in general would be a better place:

  1. Dora understood the power of humility and that there was a force greater than herself guiding her actions each day (in her case, her faith in God) and that she had a calling on her life and was created for a cause much bigger than herself. She had a servant’s heart and she led with it daily.
  2. Dora lived with an attitude of gratitude.  She was relentless about thanking others, and showing appreciation for the resources she had access to, and for all that she was able to do for others.
  3. Dora understood the power of purposeful connections and that life is not a solo act and that the best way to get things done was through collaborative efforts.
  4. Dora deeply cared for others regardless of their backgrounds or skill level – she could bring out the best in others. She made everyone feel as though they were the only person on the planet when they engaged with her.
  5. Dora had an innovative and creative spirit and she wasn’t afraid to try new things or approach situations from an unconventional angle – she wasn’t a follower, she blazed new trails. Dora’s philosophy was where there is a will a way would be found.
  6. Dora was a visionary and was always thinking about the future – she was strategic about the paths she paved and the doors she could open for others and in particular the youth. She wanted to ensure that the youth were equipped to carry on long after her generation retired.
  7. Dora was an empathetic listener and made it her business to stop what she was doing at any given moment and sit and listen to anyone who needed a listening ear.
  8. Dora was a philanthropist both locally and internationally – Dora had a heart for marginalized communities and a passion for educating young boys and girls – she always said the children are our future and we must ensure they have the means to take over long after we are gone – she founded Schools of Dreams in 2003 in Mepom, Ghana West Africa, a Canadian Charitable Organization schoolsofdreams.ca
  9. Dora was an adventurous, well-rounded human being who had this incredible zest for life, fierce passion and commitment in causes she believed in, she lived every moment of her life on earth with courage and strength.
  10. Dora valued her personal time with family and friends, she understood the importance of those connections which energized her spirit, and fueled her passion for love, life and service to others.

Most importantly Dora was a faithful friend, confidant, and encourager and I feel honored and privileged to have spent time on this earth with such a beautiful soul, spirit and beacon of love and light who showered me and others with nothing but absolute love, kindness and tons of laughter.

Every leader should aspire to lead others the way Dora did because this is how we navigate through the winds of changing and challenging times both professionally and personally and leave the world a little better than when we found it.  Like Dora we should live life with humility, gratitude, courage, empathy; and with an innovative, collaborative, adventurous, philanthropic and creative spirit.

Everything is magical when you see it with your heart – for Dora, everything was magical and it was as though she was on an adventure every day!

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