“I can tell you that the effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is” – Jim Carey

I started on my unofficial leadership journey in 1984 as a frontline social worker shortly after earning my Bachelor of Social Work degree. I was bright eyed and bushy tailed and had a great passion for meeting people and inspiring them on a daily basis. My colleagues always commented on my ability to influence others and build meaningful relationships. They seemed impressed by how I could light a fire within even those whom many thought were dead (not literally) just emotionally at their wits end.  I had no formal leadership training or experience at the time.  However, from childhood I was taught and understood how important it was to treat people with respect, to love everyone unconditionally and to leave people in a better state than you found them. It was a philosophy that became a part of who I was and so it was something I did without much thoughtLittle did I know that my lessons from childhood would propel my leadership capacity as an adult and afford me incredible opportunities to lead others.

The journey continued when in 1986 I was hired by the Federal Government on a one year contract.   A year later, I landed what I consider to be the job that cemented my leadership capabilities, I was hired initially as the Housing Co-ordinator of a second stage housing program in Ontario, and in 1989 became the Executive Director of the program. What a privilege! It quickly became apparent to me that I was not attached to the title or the privileges that came with the position, but rather about the privilege of being able to elevate the gifts and talents of every employee. I genuinely loved people and had a great interest in people. Building authentic relationships came very easy to me.  My greatest joy was always in seeing the staff and their colleagues within the social service sector reach new heights. I was and still am the ultimate cheerleader.  Seeing growth in others and watching others succeed is simply my drug of choice. It’s called love, and it gets me high!

I spent 11 years in this leadership position and had enormous success.  I spent the largest portion of my time during the initial years being interested in people, learning about their dreams and passions, what I could do to support them in their jobs, and loving them in such a way that they were inspired to bring their best to work every day. I cannot stress however how important it is to build and maintain these relationships based on authentic caring and love. People know if you genuinely care about them and for them. My natural loving attitude became the cornerstone of my leadership practices.

In 2000 I left the Executive Director Position to pursue my own speaking, training and consulting business. What became clear to me at that time was that I had developed a burning desire to learn more about leadership. In particular, how leaders motivate and inspire others to work collaboratively, produce specific outcomes, unleash their talents and develop and showcase their leadership abilities.

What I have discovered after working 16 years with leaders in various organizations and sectors is that leading from a foundation of love changes everything.  Of course there are other important capabilities a leader needs to possess; however leading with love is the foundation.

So what does leading with love entail and why does it matter? Simply put, when a leader leads with love they demonstrate a sincere respect and interest in those they are leading and care about their success. They also care about what inspires and breathes life and energy into their staff. They give those they are leading permission to be authentic and vulnerable because they demonstrate these qualities themselves.  They have a deep desire to serve those they are leading. In reality, the way the leader treats his or her staff will be reflected back to them.

Leading with love matters because when people feel they are loved and are treated with respect they are likely to care more about the work that they do and to produce better results which benefits the leader, company and customers.

Now that’s just good business sense!

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