People Power

Are You Using People Power to Propel Your Business?

It’s been 16 years and I have enjoyed every moment of my entrepreneurial journey.  A gutsy endeavour for sure but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I set my own hours, tap into my creative genius by crafting new ideas and programs, coach individuals, speak at conferences and workplaces and meet incredible people on the journey.  Of course there are often challenges along the way but with the right temperament and great mentors, I have become wiser and stronger as I weathered every challenge.

Life is not a solo act and the road to success can be lonely on your own – we need others to provide resources and to fuel us with the insurmountable energy it takes to create and maintain business success. “People Power” is the unconditional love and support individuals will provide you with because they believe in what you do, and have received value from your services.

Ninety per cent of my business is word of mouth. The majority of my referrals are from former clients whom I have built a pure, authentic and integrity based relationship with, they are my greatest ambassadors. I am successful because of their faith and belief in my work. They have often hired me two or three times and then referred me to other acquaintances and companies.

If your intentions are transparent and pure-hearted, you create value for others and people are inclined to do whatever they can to help you succeed. I have experienced this truth many times over the past 16 years.  In 2003 I was the recipient of “People Power.” I embarked upon the task of writing my first book, and before it had reached press a company I had worked for in the past said to me “We are going to purchase your first 400 books because we believe in you and have been impressed with your work.”

On another occasion, a woman approached me in a session and said, “Your energy is crazy but your photos don’t match your energy or message, so I want to do a photo shoot for you for free because your message resonated with me so much!”  I delivered value to her and she reciprocated. What an amazing gift!

The “People Power” instances above are just two examples of the hundreds of times people poured their love and unconditional support on me – my success has been propelled by their support. Most recently in December of 2015 I was approached by Essence Publishing Company, and they indicated that they would like to create a trailer for my first book, “Against the Wind” at no charge.

I don’t consider myself lucky but rather I consider myself as someone who has made it her business to always keep my intentions pure and to work from a place of honesty and integrity. Those are the kind of qualities that attract “People Power.”

Take a look at my new book trailer by clicking on the link below and see my most recent “People Powered” initiative.

Now get going and let “People Power” propel your business to the next level. I am proof that it works!