Take The Wheels Off Your Worry Bus

Many of us are drowning in internal self-made noise pollution, attempting to sooth the aching struggles in our hearts and souls. Silence beckons us to a place of stillness, to turn down the volume and to courageously sit quietly with our struggles and work through them.” Rosita

Have you ever just stopped and considered all the “incoming”  directed at you on a daily basis? Requests, demands, deadlines, your own inner critics droning on non stop, not to mention the stress of the present-day pandemic. Most folks are bombarded with doubt, worry, and fear, all of which are realistic and we shouldn’t push them under the carpet like they don’t exist but we must also not allow those feelings to cause us to drown in despair. How about we all just decide to take the wheels of our worry bus and sit in an ocean of gratitude. If you are reading this right now give thanks because you have eyes to see and the intellect to read these words.  Appreciate the ocean of gratitude you are in at this moment. I think we can all enjoy moments of gratitude if we worry less about those things which in most cases, never come to fruition.

The following are five simple actions that will assist you with keeping the worry wheels off of your emotional/mental bus so you can bathe in an ocean of gratitude:

  1. Expect things to get better because life is cyclical.
  2. Remind yourself daily that all the things that are happening around you are temporary – the storm is almost over – it’s just passing through; it won’t last forever.
  3. Travelling via the “worry bus” will keep you in a state of panic and uncertainty so replace worrying thoughts with solutions. Think about some realistic solutions to the concerns you have.
  4. Be still – silence the noise internally and externally and give yourself permission to just BE – this takes practice so just do it a few minutes at a time until you can actually sit in stillness a little longer each time
  5. REACH OUT – ask for help, seek medical advice if needed, touch base with a mentor, friends, coaches, colleagues or counselors – and most importantly trust that you have the power within you to make it through any situation of uncertainty even if it means reaching out for external support.
  6. Be kind to yourself – you’re a beautiful person. We all worry somewhat but let’s not let it overwhelm us…we have options!

Wishing you health and wellness and courage!

Rosita Hall is a Professional Speaker, Trainer, Performance Coach and Canadian Best Selling Author. 

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