Why I Decided To Write My Own Story And Not Outsource It!

Every second of every day we are communicating our “living story” to the world through our actions, behaviors, relationships, passion, talents and attitudes, we are writing our stories in BOLD print for the world to see.

There is great power in walking in our truth each day, no matter the chapter we might be living in. Deep down inside I think we all know this but so often we are talked out of it. Shame, disappointment, regret and setbacks are often the culprits that leave us questioning our values and our worth. As a result, we may lose touch with our authentic core and that leaves the door wide open for others to define for us what that truth is.  As a result, our authentic truth is left to die a slow death because there is a clashing of our core values and belief systems with those others have attempted to create for us. We lose touch with our talents, passion and giftedness and find ourselves chasing after ‘stuff’, careers, relationships that are in no way connected to our truth, nor do they breathe life into our hearts and souls. Sadly, we become victims of identity theft.

I decided at a very young age that I would walk in my truth each day, and own each chapter of my life no matter how inspiring, messy or complicated it might be.  I resolved to learn the lessons, pass on the lessons learned and embrace my unique energy and giftedness regardless of what the world thought of me.  I decided that it wasn’t my business what the world thought of me, but it was my business to hold tight to my truth and to communicate my  “living story” with courage, compassion, love and in a way that not only honors and celebrates my authentic truth (which includes my core values, beliefs, way of being) but also honors, celebrates and encourages others.

I encourage each of you to not outsource your story to others but rather, own your truth, communicate it boldly and unapologetically every second of the day!  It’s your life and your story so you get to choose how it’s told in order for it to have the greatest impact.

As I spend time with various organizations and meet so many people on the circuit as a Professional Speaker – I have come to recognize that often times the difference between a good leader and an exceptional leader, or a good employee and an exceptional employee is their ability to recognize, honor and celebrate the power they own – their story!

In order to become a better leader, a more effective team player, build intentional relationships and to deal more effectively with life challenges we need to stand on a firm foundation of truth about who we are. That’s where our strength, courage, and untapped reservoir of gifts and talents reside.

Now go out and celebrate the unique you that the world deserves to know and be with – write your story no matter how each chapter has unfolded thus far, just be YOU and let your unique story inspire and impact others everywhere you go!

Rosita Hall is a Professional Speaker, Trainer, Performance Coach and Canadian Best Selling Author. 

Please review her book trailer by clicking on the following link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z45xd1wZsNg