A Gift For Gracie

A Gift for Gracie….


For Gracie that year, Christmas was a reminder of all that she had lost- her heart was broken, her soul felt defeated , her marriage had ended her life was in shambles, all was not calm and all was not bright. For Gracie the holidays just amplified her pain and grief!

The year was 1992 as I sat across the room from a woman named Gracie.   She was my client, and I was her social worker.  My heart sank after I asked about her Christmas and it became apparent that she experienced some of her worst silent nights during the holiday season.  She told me how she spent most of her holidays alone in a one room apartment and the season appeared as a mockery to all that she did not have.

She spoke of how she with great anguish, briefly left her apartment on Christmas Eve with the intention of visiting a nearby church, for surely she could find some solace there.  As she slowly approached the church she could hear the Christmas bells tolling. Suddenly she stood frozen in time as they rang ever so loudly- the snow was blowing, it was bitterly cold and as she attempted to approach the church door she felt so much shame that she quietly said to herself, “the bells do not toll for Gracie this evening”.  In her despair, she turned away and headed back to her apartment where she spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day alone.  For some reason the story I heard years ago about Gracie keeps playing over and over in my mind.

This evening my family and I will head to our church and we will experience joyful music, an excited crowd, candles and the sharing in fellowship as we celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus .  Tomorrow we will break bread with family and friends and share love and laughter, but what about Gracie?  In fact, what about all the Gracies this holiday season?  Gracie represents every man woman and child who is alone this evening, spiritually or physically hungry, without family or friends, grieving the loss of loved ones, those who don’t celebrate Christmas, those without shelter, those experiencing financial woes and the list could go on and on.

Tonight I want to give a gift to Gracie and all the other Gracies who are feeling lonely, without a sense of hope, who are discouraged, etc.  My gift is that I promise to pray for you each and every day, that I will keep my eyes , ears and heart open to how I can support you in whatever way I can and not just during the Christmas season but through every season of life. I will turn my blessings into pillars of hope and pray for guidance on how to extend a hand of grace in tangible ways.  As I celebrate with my family and friends, I will remember that not all is calm; all is not bright for many families and individuals this holiday season.  I challenge those of us who are experiencing the calm and bright to expand our reach to the Gracies who are perhaps in our church pews, in our neighbourhoods or around the world! Love and sincere concern for our fellow human beings is the greatest gift we can give during this, and every season!

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  1. Thank you Rosita.I concur with all that you said.
    It was thoughtful and very uplifting.
    We need more Rositas in our Universe ♡.

  2. Thank you, Rosita, for sharing what I know from my own practice as a social worker, is the reality for many. I believe that your Gracie is in a better, more gentle peaceful season. I think as long as we all keep a little of Gracie in our hearts, love will prevail.

  3. So appropriate for this time of year. Many Thanks. Peace, Love and Care should be the most important in our Lives. God Loves you and so do I; continue in the path he has chosen for you.

    Enjoy your Christmas with your loved ones. I will be thinking of you and your Inspiring words.

  4. Thank you for sharing Gracie’s story. I went to Christmas Eve service with Ann-Marie my daughter at my church, the church was packed with both young and old. It was beautiful with all the Christmas carols, now am thinking how many Gracie’s might be out there tonight. Now all I can do is to pray that if there was anyone tonight st the service who would be facing such loneliness at this time be comforted by God’s AMAZING Grace.
    Thanks again for lovely reminder of how lucky some of us are; loving family and people to talk to and be there for us when we need them.

    Merry Christmas and have fun with your family wherever you might be Christmas day.
    May the PEACE OF THE LORD our Saviour be your guiding light.

  5. Hello Rosita. I’m just taking the time to catch up on reading your blog and what a beautiful story this is. I do want to tell you that after I met you in December, I added you to my personal prayer list. I pray for you daily. The encouragement and reassurance from your talk has given me the courage to keep on pressing.
    I pray you had a wonderful Blessing filled Christmas season. My hope is that our paths cross again some day. For now I’ll read your blog. I write poetry, mostly Christian. I haven’t written any in a while but I wanted to share with you my blog. I have put the address as the website above.
    God Bless you Rosita you are an amazing women.

  6. HI Rosita Sorry not sure if my blog address is working. Please if it isn’t let me know.

    • Hi beautiful Nancy – thanks for touching base – unfortunately I do not see to link to your blog – I would love to read it. I am actually hosting a Christian Women’s Conference in Hamilton on April 23/16 – Let me know if you’d like to come. For more information visit women-giving-back.com
      Look forward to receiving your blog

    • Hi beautiful Nancy – thanks for touching base – unfortunately I do not see to link to your blog – I would love to read it. I am actually hosting a Christian Women’s Conference in Hamilton on April 23/16 – Let me know if you’d like to come. For more information visit women-giving-back.com
      Look forward to receiving your blog

      • HI Rosita. I did see your conference and I am considering going. I have also mentioned it to the Women’s Ministry Director at my church in Hamilton about advertising it. West Highland Baptist is my church. I am hoping to get a few girls together for it.
        As for my blog please try this: http://www.steppingstonesinfaith.blogspot.ca
        I do hope I will be able to attend the conference.

  7. I loved this blog, Rosita. Thank you. Sadly, there are way too many Gracies. I resolve to remember to reach out – it could very well be me that needs grace.

  8. Thank you for the feedback Deborah – much appreciated

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