Churning out the sound of CHA – CHING even during the lazy hazy days of summer.



Entrepreneurs are a unique group of bold, creative, passionate and highly dedicated individuals. I know this to be true, as I am one of them. I own and operate my own speaking and training business. Many of us entrepreneurs have chosen to bask in the glory of being our own bosses; creating our own brand, our own schedules, and our own incomes. Being your own boss has both its perks and challenges. One challenge for example, is as a sole proprietor you must shoulder the responsibility of ensuring that you hear the sound of CHA-CHING on a regular basis during slow periods and especially (in my case) during the lazy hazy days of summer.

When things slow down during the summer months and the sunshine is calling our name, it can be a challenge to keep our feet planted firmly on the ground and seated at our desk creating and planning for the fall. Why? Because when you are your own boss it’s easy to cast work related activities to the bottom of the to do list in order to bathe in the glory of the sun, extended family time, and relaxation. Because our health is our only true form of wealth both summer and slower times in our business gives us all much needed time to take a breath, regroup and refresh our mind, body and spirit.  But, during our temporary hiatus how do we ensure the continuous sound of CHA CHING?

As a professional speaker I know that my success on the platform is simply the end result of my conscientious and deliberate efforts off the platform. I also know that regardless of whether it’s a slow season or not – opportunities to create great speeches are always readily available to me.  Yep, even during vacation. Now don’t get me wrong I do take a lot of time for me, however, as I noted earlier I create my speeches and prep for the sound of CHA CHING off the platform.

For example, my husband has been known to say at family functions on more than one occasion that “Rosita gets lots of speaking material from you people.” I must admit he is so right. Not only at family functions but pretty much everywhere I go including vacations, in the grocery store, at church, the hair salon, during coffee with friends you name it – as a speaker people hold the key to our success and frankly our wallets –Cha ching!

My hairdresser recently said to me that she is amazed at how I can turn a simple story or occurrence into a speech – “it’s your art” she quipped. For me, it’s simply life! I love people, I love hearing their stories and observing the sometimes hilariously funny and often ridiculous encounters that many of us have on a daily basis. So to all my friends, family, acquaintances and strangers I’ve met and yet to meet please know that when you are chatting with me I am making mental speech notes in my head – I can’t stop it – I’ve tried!

So, in my world of entrepreneurship I can still do my prep work even while on vacation without much effort.  I just need the right players to show up! O.k., so that’s one of the ways I prepare for Cha Ching during slower times but I also offer the following:

  • Depending on the size of your business – use it as time to reboot, evaluate ROI, explore new business opportunities
  • Seek out professional development opportunities for you and your staff
  • Design you budget so that you can compensate for the months where income is scarce- If you plan properly you can get through the slower months because of the success you’ve had during the year
  • Stay connected to your customer base through social media or newsletters – promote your books or other products on a steady basis
  • Take extra care of your health -rely on support systems – summer students, family to help out while you are embracing some much needed down time
  • Update your social media

Most importantly have fun along the way, stay alert to business opportunities that are often times staring you in the face (CHA CHING!) and don’t forget to turn some of your challenges into chuckles for the health of it!

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