Let’s face it – winter can sometimes lead us into a lull of quiet or lack of activity. In my case it keeps leading me to a bed with lots of pillows, warm blankets and a good book. This feels great for the first 20 minutes or so and then my mind unceremoniously reminds me of a number of productive things I could be doing instead, and then guilt starts hitting me over the head and screams at me to “GET UP!”  But I know better because I teach the art of self-care in many of my talks and I am always telling participants “throw guilt to the wind and make time for you – you owe it to yourself!”  In order to avoid being hypocritical and to practice what I preach, I ensure that I remain glued to my book and simply enjoy the warmth of the blankets and the quiet…I finish a chapter, should I get up now? – Nope! Instead, I reach over and grab one of my coloring books and head into a zone of no return – to me it is one of the most therapeutic things in the world, it provides great emotional reprieve.

That’s kind of been my winter regiment after a day of work, a workout at the gym and sometimes a brisk walk in the snow.  However, as soon as I decide to flop on the couch or my bed, the nagging voice in my head insists, “GET UP THERE’S MORE TO BE DONE!”

There will always be ‘more to be done’, but seriously folks, can a sister catch a break? Can I not tune out for just a little while, shut down technology and the world for a little me time? Darn right I can, and I do, and so can you.  I must admit though that I do appreciate the little assist I get this time of the year from Old Man Winter because the ice, sleet, snow and cold beckons me to a place of stillness and warmth, I can’t resist!

Every season brings its own challenges, blessings and opportunities but wisdom comes in recognizing that regardless of the season, we owe it to ourselves to come up for air and give our bodies, mind and soul some spa time. We are so good at taking care of others and nourishing them with love but Where Is the Love that we need to pour into ourselves?  Self-care is a form of self-love which needs to be administered daily. It is sometimes just a little harder to get motivated during the winter months – the cold and ice can sometimes make us want to hibernate until it is all over – well, hibernate if you must but make sure during your hibernation that you are caring for your heart and soul and finding time to move your body just a little bit! Give yourself permission to slow it down just a little, too. Our bodies require cycles of rest both daily and seasonally. Take advantage of the winter and use it as a time of restoration for your body, mind and spirit.

When my two sons, Joshua and Christian (who are now 26 and 23) were very young my husband and I declared Sunday afternoon’s as Siesta time – all four of us would climb into bed together and fall asleep for a half an hour or so and we’d always wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. We also had daily quiet times in the evenings, usually after supper or evening activities where we would each choose a quiet space to do something that we enjoyed without disturbing each other. Those were great times and I think to this day it is because of those moments that my now grown sons understand the importance of taking time for self and rejuvenation.

In our hurry up and get it done yesterday technological world, we are moving at a pace faster than at any other time in history and our list of things to do keeps getting longer and often we don’t make the cut. Let’s celebrate health, give ourselves the love we deserve before we reach the stage of exhaustion, let’s throw guilt to the wind!  The next time you question whether you should take time for yourself find the closest mirror, stare at your reflection and ask yourself this very important question – “Where is the self-love that I am so deserving of?”

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